Making Sense of Amigurumi #2


Yes fellas, we are dissecting pusheen! No, we are nut cutting down that chubby adorable cat. Rather, we are using the pusheen crochet pattern I have posted few weeks back to learn a little more, on how to make sense of crocheting cute critters. Please do keep in mind that the technique for crocheting animals and others like doilies quite differs.

I believe there is a theory for everything. Therefore I believe there is a theory to understand the basics of amigurumi in order to find a logical way to design items (although it might not work all the time, but for me it does work most of the time).

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Mermaid Pusheen Crochet Pattern


Last time I did sort of a poll in instagram to see if you guys would be interested in having a pattern for a mermaid Pusheen, and the response was great! I love Pusheen myself (I’ve been dying to get a hand of a Pusheen Cafe mouse pad but still no luck yet) and mermaids are always my favorite (though pusheenicorn and pusheenosaurus are cute, too). So as promised, here is the pattern. I honestly already anticipated the response by taking pictures to help you with each steps, since it’s rather tricky compared to my previous patterns. I do think pictures helps for these ones so I included them.

The pattern provided here is only the pattern for the mermaid tail. The pusheen pattern is the same as the one I posted before here. The only difference I made was that I slip stitched the tc to the same place for the ear parts, which made the ears slightly pointier. For this pattern of course I would suggest you to make one Pusheen first before the mermaid tail 😀

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