Mermaid Pusheen Crochet Pattern


Last time I did sort of a poll in instagram to see if you guys would be interested in having a pattern for a mermaid Pusheen, and the response was great! I love Pusheen myself (I’ve been dying to get a hand of a Pusheen Cafe mouse pad but still no luck yet) and mermaids are always my favorite (though pusheenicorn and pusheenosaurus are cute, too). So as promised, here is the pattern. I honestly already anticipated the response by taking pictures to help you with each steps, since it’s rather tricky compared to my previous patterns. I do think pictures helps for these ones so I included them.

The pattern provided here is only the pattern for the mermaid tail. The pusheen pattern is the same as the one I posted before here. The only difference I made was that I slip stitched the tc to the same place for the ear parts, which made the ears slightly pointier. For this pattern of course I would suggest you to make one Pusheen first before the mermaid tail 😀

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Mini Donut Crochet Pattern


So finally the day has come where I (finally) release these critters to the world! I had a few setbacks and the previous goal in instagram was only almost reached, so instead of the kitty donut pattern I’m releasing a mini version of it which you can freely make into any character you like. Here I made a penguin one as an example, but of course you can make them into anyone, or anything.

Oh, speaking of goals, I’ve reached a small milestone in Instagram so I’m having a giveaway! just search my username @judithchenart or simply click the instagram button on the right side of this page 🙂

Tips: bouillon stitch embroidery technique is an easy way to make small, dainty sprinkles that actually pops out! The cream was basically the same pattern gone halfway, finished with random hdc to tc on chains (so they look like dripping cream) then sewn on. This pattern, however used the easiest version where you just switched colors. Cause as always, I really wish that everyone could try out my patterns. But of course, you may request on what free pattern should I share next (so far the highest request is Rilakkuma).

Oh by the way, if you scroll quite waaaaaay below you will find a German version of this pattern! I would still suggest to do invisible decrease instead of decrease in the German pattern version, however there is no such term in German, I think…(please do correct me if I’m wrong).

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