Easter DIY: Carrot Terrarium

Hey guys!! Been awhile since I posted, I know. So this time no crochet, but I am making this super easy candy bag for the company I am working for. I hope you like it! Only takes ten minutes to make πŸ™‚


Here is the full tutorial, in two language version:




Fox Pouch Tutorial

Not everything cute is hard to make. This is what I had in mind when creating this project. In Making Sense of Amigurumi #1 and #2 we mostly use the round concept, however this time I am going to show you the basics of making an oval shape, which is used to make this cute mint fox pouch.

Awhile ago I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to crochet an ovalΒ written by Louie from Louie’s LoopsΒ (check his page out he has TONS of awesome tutorials including crochet basics, basic shapes, geekery amigurumi, etc). I am posting the oval pattern he made (contacted him for permission and he immediately said yes!) then decided to use it to make a very simple and easy pouch. Often, the cutest things are actually simple (just look at all those Japanese characters!). When creating my own designs, the thing that I always try to keep in mind is keeping things simple and not think too much or try too hard.

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May Roundup and Another Giveaway!

This month I think I made quite a lot of stuffs than usual. Or maybe because I was so bored that I want to distract myself by making cute stuffs πŸ˜€ One of my favorite that I recently made is a winter robe refashion. Yep, you read it right. I finally did another refashion since forever. Well, its because at the moment I absolutely have no sewing machine nor some space to put it even if I would win it from a giveaway (would still love one, though). So around two years ago when I just got to Germany, I went from a totally skin-burning degree of 35 degrees C to nearly zero. I was even freezing in my sleep even with a thick blanket. So I thought I would buy an extra winter blanket…which turns out to be…yeah, a robe *facepalm. And I realized it way too late so I couldn’t return it to the store and get my refund. So after nearly two years sitting in my closet doing nothing I finally got the idea to turn it into a cape with hoodie. I even added cat ears! I got the idea from the manga Himouto Umaru-chan. Now I’m wearing it everyday, even in my sleep. I’m telling you, its really comfortable :3

May2014-Roundup1.png May2014-Roundup2.png

I also got back my mood of making clay, and I follow tutorials and stuff for help. Well, this is also partially because the glass cabs I ordered for making the art dolls still haven’t arrived yet. As usual, Deutsche Post makes me wait forever for anything I’m getting. So I decided I will try to make something else. Here are the pictures of some of the stuffs that I made in May! It was a lot of fun. And oh, by the way don’t forget that the giveaway is still running! The prize is one of my cute sheep or bunny plush (you can chose!). It ends soon so you better hurry. Its a friendly giveaway, thus there’s no mandatory entry. Enter here
Good luck if you’re entering πŸ˜‰


Note of Progress

So, I’ve been trying to spare time between study and plush-making lately. If someone ask when did I start making plushies, I’d say when I’m 6. It was because I need to sell them to earn my pocket money. Every time I went home with an empty happy meal box that used to be full of tiny bears, rabbits and santas, all that I have in my tiny head was how much chips I can get with those money.

However, at that time those are really simple shaped ones, its nothing like the ones I’m starting to make recently. So to say, first plushie was actually a terry cat that I made with a Runo pattern. That was around 2010 and afterwards I didn’t make anything much but simple shaped ones like onigiri or an owl. Only in mid 2013 I decided that I’ll start again, clean from zero. The first one I made at that time was the little guardian plushie. I wasn’t satisfied. I did lots and lots of observations of other people’s work, even in a way that you may think ridiculous such as observing seam lines in pictures, just so I get a better grip of pattern-making. I’m actually still doing it until now.

After that the first thing I made for my shop was the fox girl plush which was quite a hit. However I’m not that satisfied because basically she’s only a beanie, and her had is 2 dimensional. But I’d be honest…I wasn’t sure what to make for my first 3D head plush. By browsing DA I know that I’ve grown interest in pony plushies, but maybe I won’t start with making a filly. In the end I decided to do baby steps with making a pony beanie (though I called it baby pony) with a 3D head. If its a success, go further. If its a failure, try again. that’s how it is. Trial and error in this case is kinda tough because I don’t have a machine. So I had to be sure that everything will seem to work then try it on. Here is the result! πŸ™‚


Well, still far fetched from other plush artists that I’m looking up to – but a progress is a progress no matter how small it is. Now, figuring out what’s next to challenge myself…thoughts? πŸ™‚

Cuddle Series!



Listing these in my etsy shop, and making more πŸ™‚ All items 20%-25% off until Dec 25. These plush are designed to cuddle with (thus, the name). Hop over to my etsyΒ SHOP if you’re interested πŸ™‚


It’s getting cold lately so I’m making hats. The pink one is Poring from Ragnarok (call me lame, I still love this cutie monster) and Woobat (from Pokemon). Making more, maybe they will also be available in my shop (my boyfriend insist I should list them in my etsy). Woot!

PS. Having lots of projects at the moment and will post them soon.