Succulent Love


Who isn’t in love with tiny succulents lately? I bet everyone you stumble across in any social media does. Well, this time I decided to crochet one because I decided to make something else once in awhile instead just toys. This won’t exactly be a tutorial but I will give you a detail, or rather, run down of the process. Let’s start with the larger pot.

Now I have been crocheting for a little over a year, so I wanted a little more challenge – which is why I’ve tried mixing different technique and methods. The pots, first of all were made of natural ingredients based air dry clay (I used fimo brand), cut round with a cutter then bent to form a bowl, dried for 48 hours and sanded. The yarns I used for the big cactus are regular sized (for 3 mm needle) yarns and regular sized eyelash mohair yarn to give the prickly effect. I crochet three yarns at once instead of one with a 5 mm needle. That said, there is nothing special about the pattern since I basically blind crochet both of the cactus. The flower on top is a simple pattern very similar to the one I have written before for the crystal doily tutorial here.

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Kitties and Sweets

Who doesn’t love kitties? Those fluffy little felines sure are adorable. But being in combo with flowers or sweets sure makes them a deadly combo x3 The first kitty pictured is my first needle-felted cat and the second critter I made with needle felting technique. I never knew needle felting requires such patience, but I start to really like it! From the wool leftovers I made a second identical cat and put him on a carpet with the little lamb I made. The lamb was made from the last scraps of the two cats 🙂

The first cat was named Siobhan, after my best friend’s cat. I made this cat especially for her. Siobhan is now on his way to Belgium! I hope she will love him. Siobhan is complemented with a bucket of roses. The rose bucket is especially designed for the cat, and is carefully sculpted by hands without molds. I only use needles and toothpicks as usual^^


DSC03819 DSC03840

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Last Year’s Birthday Clay Rose Bauble

So my birthday is crawling closer…and I already knew what I’ll be getting as a gift from my boyfriend (he’s not very discreet) 😛 Anyway, for various  reasons, this year I don’t plan to celebrate…So I just wanna share what I did last year with my cake. My best friend baked it for me, I only contributed the concept.

2013 bday cake rose bauble


The idea is actually really simple. I made clay roses and put them into small baubles (the baubles are store bought). I also put paper scraps and small beads as an additional decoration. Like you see in the picture, I decorate it upside down so the part where you normally put a string to hang on the tree functions as a stick that keeps the position steady when you put the bauble on the cake. After blowing the candle, I took out the baubles, wipe them clean then distribute them to my special guests as a gratitude. Neat, right? One of my friend told her brother’s girlfriend ans he thought it was a good idea so she planned to do the same for hers. If you think it is, you might consider it for yours too. ^^

angeling in cage (Ragnarok fan art)

Hey there! After a few days, I made this art, the idea is in a sudden but I hope you’ll like it 🙂 Those who played the famous online game Ragnarok must know this very cute character, angeling  *w* it’s also a game item in a game so called Pet Society (PS), buta in PS it’s a doll, named pink jello.. 😀

The deco inside is made from clay, full handmade, not made by special tools coz I don’t have one OTL :p But yeah, managed to make one and put it in a cage so it won’t run away! >3< I tried to make more details on the wings btw..And oh, this thing have two functions:

1. You can put off the chain easily and put the cage on your table or cupboard as a deco

2. You can also put on the chain and wears it as a necklace, yay! XD

My friends suggested that I should open an online shop..but uhm, still thinking of it  >.<

(me wearing the necklace <3)


a drip of vintage stream

Hello! It’s been awhile since I didn’t post ^^; so sorry, and this time I have no excuses (I better not)..ah but I come back with new work, yay! this one is a clay necklace I just made, I made it with a help of an unused sodabottle cap..These are the stuffs I used to make it:

The blue pack is the clay pack, the little black thing is a piece of clove, I used it to make the pattern in the edge of the design. First I hammer the bottle cap until it’s all flat like a coin and cover it with clay. The water color is for coloring the clay, as you see I only use green and red (only use a little so it became pink). The creme color in the pendon is the original color of the clay. Erm, I guess it’s too long since I haven’t touch clay, it turns out not like what I expected. But oh well, voila! This is the result (sorry for the ugly pic) >.<

And um, I hate making plain chained necklaces all the time so later when I have time to go to the DIY store (it’s just far from home >.<) I will manage to buy the plain DIY chain, beads and stuffs to design the chain for this one..Also, need a transparent pylox to make this thing waterproof..(have to buy that too @_@)

Anyway, when it’s all done I will post the pic in this post, and I promised a better pic of course  :3

Ahhh and again, before this thing is even really done somebody (this time my sis) already said: “wow, it’s cute, can I have this?” All I can say is, “Sis, you serious? that’s a FAIL product!” >,<