featured by Aperture Indonesia!

Like I said before, my product is featured on March Boudoir catalogue by Aperture Indonesia!  Aperture Image Factory is an Indonesian based company, who will  listen to all your dreams and inspirations that you wish to capture!  They will handle your delicate request profesionally, and of course make them come true  😉

See the necklace on the model’s hair? Yep, that’s the necklace I made! The original photo in the catalogue had my personal review >3< And here’s what I wrote:

“simple piece of vintage style art, one of my favorite. Altough usually designated with pastel colors,  I like to make it more lively with bright colors. That’s the reason the blue  mineral stones were chosen for the butterfly  ornamented with randomly picked metal roses”

~ Judith Chen

Wanna see more of their works? Here you go! But if you would like to see even more just  CLICK HERE or click on the their logo on my sidebar 😉 You can also find their FaceBook  HERE

Ah..and psst, I will join their photoshoot myself! Will see later if I am allowed to publish the photos  🙂


vintage memory holder

Made this in a rush for an order. Really tried to do my best in a short time since I must ship this to Pekanbaru >.< actually want to add some details with small crystals but really have no time for that. Someone whose supposed to receive this is leaving abroad soon, so gotta send this asap.

Putting the glass on the frame and made it stood still is the worst part for me. Decorating is my fave but have to skip that 😦 Still looks quite ok to me though..What do you think? ^^;

joy for all the fun! :))

Hey everyone! Finally I have time to write again!^^ It’s almost Christmas, I know.  And that’s why it’s time to spread the fun!  😀 I have a few fun things to share here. First, I won a giveaway, yayyyyyyy XD

Carly J.Cais from chicsteals was  helding a DOUBLE giveaway, a satin tea dress like the one in the left, and haliwell top like in the right 😀 And I won the dress!! OMG just can’t believe that right? I’m just over excited :p

Second, I finished my Christmas project creations >3< I had a project version (the owl), but I made myself a series of mini monster plushie! ^^ Plus, I also designed some accesories such as brooch, moonstone necklace, etc. Will add better pics soon ^^;

Will  be back soon to add the fun pics (product parade!), but I hope you like these! 🙂 Merry Xmas everyone! ❤

angeling in cage (Ragnarok fan art)

Hey there! After a few days, I made this art, the idea is in a sudden but I hope you’ll like it 🙂 Those who played the famous online game Ragnarok must know this very cute character, angeling  *w* it’s also a game item in a game so called Pet Society (PS), buta in PS it’s a doll, named pink jello.. 😀

The deco inside is made from clay, full handmade, not made by special tools coz I don’t have one OTL :p But yeah, managed to make one and put it in a cage so it won’t run away! >3< I tried to make more details on the wings btw..And oh, this thing have two functions:

1. You can put off the chain easily and put the cage on your table or cupboard as a deco

2. You can also put on the chain and wears it as a necklace, yay! XD

My friends suggested that I should open an online shop..but uhm, still thinking of it  >.<

(me wearing the necklace <3)


la petite paris: update#1

Heyho! It’s been awhile since I haven’t posted the update, still can’t manage to get whole material so I guess I will just post the working progress and early design here! ❤ I’m soooo sorry but I search in many place and all of them are still out of stock >.<

the blueprint a.k.a sketch design

As you see I am highliting the word PINK there…I will have to reveal that I am making a fairytale version of the eiffel miniature…which is FULL PINK! yayy X3 Only I have to admit that I have to rush with a few things now so I am only done with the rough basic pattern, so it’s like 45% done >,<

Eiffel miniature – the basic frame

I know the pic isn’t nice, but the moment when the miniature is done, I will surely post a better pic^^. And yeah, the miniature still looks ugly as well, but don’t worry I still have a lot of decos and stuff to add, this is only the very basic frame. 🙂

Oh my, I guess I just need some refreshing you see, I am a bit stiff with the messy schedule here, so now I am going for some window shopping (^^)/ I am deeply in love with mineral stones, and even it’s expensive I am collecting them! ❤ Now I already have swarovsky necklace with a snowflake shape, pink crystal bangle (bought it in Ken Ting, Taiwan) and some others as well :3  Guess I’m just too crazy about it, so when my good friend lia from thediarytimes opened an online shop selling them I just can’t resist >.<

It’s a very enchanting birth stones in capsules, people says when you carry your birthtone it will bring luck to you! :3 I am born at march so my birthstone is aquamarine.. ^w^

Here is the capsules I am going to buy,  and the 2nd pic is the bottled version, it looks nice but I dunno where should I put that..besides, I am already in love with the watery capsule, and if you look closely the capsules have one whole piece of stone while the bottled one have  smaller stone pieces 😀

Guess what I will have to wait quite long I think, since these stuffs are from japan and Lia had to manage to get more of those. She said it’s been 2 months since the stocks last >.< It’s always sold out, I hope I can get one T_T

Erm…so guess now I’ll go to sneak some food, I’m starving @_@ I had more designs upcoming and one by one I will post the design plus the result here ❤ cya later! XD

(my random drawing, draw this to express

my big lust for salmon onigiri, ROFLOL) XD~

art deco lamp: sparkling with love

I promised you to post the updates of the eiffel miniature, but it turns out that I am really sort of material, and I have to scan the pics later for some reasons I will explain later, perhaps you will have to wait a little more. So sorry for that!  >.<  But I am going to scan the sketch today, so it won’t take that long for the update post. And yes of course I will post the update after this post :3  So now I guess I have to do something in return, right? 🙂 And ah, as the theme now is love…it rings me a bell to the art deco lamp I made for my boyfriend, for his bday present at 6th June. (finally got the photos! <3). Here you go:

black and white look

my apologize if you spot the fault in this photo. the wire is not supposed to hang like that on the cable, there’s a roundwire to hang the cap on the tip of the  curved wire, only it was taken off by mistake. it is fixed of course, only perhaps  I had to order more photos to my bf’s cousin if I want a new one. really sorry for that  😦

this is the bottom part, with love motive ❤

the cap is specially design with a bit touch of European look and decos are made of small mineral stones 😀

The lamp was actually my first self-designed product at art wire, and I got my bloody hand full of blisters and scratch. And no, don’t think making art wires will usually cause that pain :p The problem is I can’t manage to found a proper DIY wire, so I use wires for buildings XD and the wire is like 2,5 mm and so hard to bend or curve >.<  But yeah, a handful of scar for an art ? It’s worth it!!! 🙂 Moreover, because it is for my honey’s bday present…Happily he took a good care of it..and yes, he is proud of it  *blush* X3

As true love is never easy, it will force you to show that you are really strunggling for it. But afterall, there is no rainbow before a heavy rain.

la petite paris: future art project!

Hello all! I am planning to collect item for my france miniature project! This is a long term plan, that’s why I name it project and not a quest [bad in naming, sorry ^^; ]  And I am picking more photos here, just in case I had the time to design and made those for this project…Ah..and if you’re questioning why I started another artwork before I even finished my clandestine garden mission, it’s because I am still in a quest of one material, besides this “la petite paris” will take more time than the “clandestine garden mission” because well..to be honest I have to collect items first, and I need damn a lot of them >.< But btw of course as it is Paris, I won’t forget the eiffel miniature!  (^^)~

So..while collecting photos and editing I am starring at my boyfriend’s pic, hihi..afterall Paris is a city of love, right? ❤

dion@christmas holiday 08 >3<

As you know Paris is the city of mode, and there are a lot of fancy stuffs, ruffles and all awesomeness in fashion! >3< So here I posted one of my favorite stuff I bought in Taiwan,  not typical Parisian but I am sure in Paris you will find a lot of cute stuffs like this (even this one is typically Asian, like Taiwan/Japan/Korea.) So as it is just cute, I think I am adding something like this to the miniature! 😀 *wish I could really learn crochet someday, the best crochet I can do now is a flower, lol*


It is my fave cute crochet jewelery box! ❤ so cute…Perhaps this is a good inspiration for my future la petite Paris! After I’m done with Paris I am going to make little Venice..oh I am so in love with Venice, I wanna ride love gondola with my bf someday.. ^^ Ah, and here’s some game items (Pet Society) that may help me get inspired for the design (credits to Michael Simbolon, thx for the pic!)

So the plan is to make several art items related to Paris (still need a lot of reviews and ideas though). The first one to make is of course, the eiffel miniature!  The original design (the one in the pic) is by zakka handmade though, I am going to make something similar to it, only of course, with my modification and design. I already finished the rough design so in a minute I have to flee to the supremarket to buy some materials.. :3 The eiffel miniature is the smallest pic below, you can see how cute it is compared to the real eiffel 🙂

Next thing to do:  finish my sketch design so I can post it here!  But I think since I have to do my thesis too, I will post the whole design sketch in the post updates, not in this post, sorry! >.<

*just got back from store* ahhh and the materials I’m supposed to bought are out of stock, I only managed to bought the ice cream stick 😦  I will have to wait till this weekend for the stock…I really wish there is a proper DIY store here x___O Erm, so I guess I will have to post the progress work around this weekend (I will work on the sketch and the eiffel miniature first.) :3